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Haier HGN 36100EB to wysokiej jakości suszarka bębnowa, która jest łatwa w użyciu i działa niezawodnie. Urządzenie ma duży pojemnik na 6 kg suszonych tkanin, co pozwala na suszenie dużej ilości ubrań naraz. Urządzenie posiada również funkcję automatycznego wyłączania, co zapobiega przegrzaniu i uszkodzeniu ubrań. Haier HGN 36100EB jest wyposażony w wyświetlacz LED, co pozwala na łatwe monitorowanie pracy urządzenia. Ponadto, suszarka jest wyposażona w specjalne programy, które umożliwiają spersonalizowanie i optymalizację procesu suszenia. Urządzenie posiada również wygodną i bezpieczną drzwiczki, które ułatwiają wyjmowanie prania. Haier HGN 36100EB to niezawodna i wydajna suszarka, która jest doskonałym wyborem do domu.

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Microwave Oven
Model: HGN-36100EB
Owner’s Manual

Please read this booklet carefully before fixing and using and
Save it for future reference.

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PRECAUTIONS TO AVOID POSSIBLE EXPOSURE PRECAUTIONS TO AVOID POSSIBLE EXPOSURE T TO O E EX XC CE ES SS SIIV VE E M MIIC CR RO OW WA AV VE E E EN NE ER RG GY Y 1. Do not attempt to operate this oven with the door open since open door operation can result in harmful exposure to microwave energy. It is important not to defeat or tamper with the safety interlocks. 2. Do not place any object between the oven front face and the door or allow soil or cleaner residue to accumulate on sealing

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SPECIFICATIONS* SPECIFICATIONS* Power Consumption 230V~/50Hz, 1500W(Microwave) Rated microwave power output: 1000W Operation Frequency: 2450MHz Outside Dimensions: 300mm(H)×539mm(W)×455mm(D) Oven Cavity Dimensions: 240mm(H)×376mm(W)×404mm(D) Oven Capacity: 36Litres Cooking Uniformity: Turntable System Net Weight: Approx. 17. 3kg B BE EF FO OR RE E Y YO OU U C CA AL LL L F FO OR R S SE ER RV VIIC CE E If the oven fails to operate: 1. Check to ensure that the oven is plugged in
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6. Do not operate the oven without glass tray, roller support, and shaft in their proper positions. 7. Make sure that the power supply cord is undamaged and does not run under the oven or over any hot or sharp surface. 8. The socket must be readily accessible so that it can be easily unplugged in an emergency. 9. Do not use the oven outdoors. GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS This appliance must be grounded. This oven is equipped with a cord having a grounding wire with a
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IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When using electrical appliance, basic safety precautions should be followed to reduce the risk of burns, electric shock, fire, injury to persons or exposure to excessive microwave energy. These precautions are as follows: 1. Read all instructions before using the appliance. Use this appliance only for its intended use as described in this manual. Do not use corrosive chemicals or vapors in this appliance. This type of ov
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ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) equipment in which radio-frequency energy is intentionally generated and/or used in the form of electromagnetic radiation for the treatment of material, and spark erosion equipment. For Class B equipment is equipment suitable for use in domestic establishments and in establishments directly connected to a low voltage power supply network which supplies buildings used for domestic purpose. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (includ
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M MIIC CR RO OW WA AV VE E C CO OO OK KIIN NG G P PR RIIN NC CIIP PL LE ES S 1. Arrange food carefully. Place thickest areas towards outside of dish. Watch cooking time. Cook for the shortest amount of time indicated and add more as needed. Food severely overcooked can smoke or ignite. 3. Cover foods while cooking. Covers prevent spattering and help foods to cook evenly. 4. Turn foods over once during microwaving to speed cooking of such foods as chicken and hamburgers. Large items
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C CO ON NT TR RO OL L P PA AN NE EL L MENU ACTION SCREEN Cooking time, power, action indicators and clock time are displayed. JET DEF. (JET DEFROST) Touch to defrost food according to time entered. WEI. DEF. ( WEIGHT DEFROST) Touch to defrost food according to weight entered. POWER LEVEL Touch this pad to set cooking power level. PRESET Touch to set a preset feature. MEMORY Touch to set a multi-stage cooking program. NUMBER PA
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HOW TO SET THE OVEN CONTROLS HOW TO SET THE OVEN CONTROLS Each time a pad is touched, a beep will sound to acknowledge the touch. SETTING THE CLOCK 1. Touch CLOCK pad once. Touch CANCEL pad once. Use the number pads to enter your desired time. Touch CLOCK pad again to confirm. Note: This is a 12-hour clock. Display screen will show 1:01 when the oven is plugged in. You can check the clock time when cooking is in progress by touching the CLOCK pad. SETTING COOKING TIME AND PO
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MULTI-STAGE COOKING Your oven can be programmed for up to 3 automatic cooking sequences. Some recipes may require setting a multi-stage program involving defrosting and microwave cooking at different power levels. The following example shows the steps in setting up such a program. 1. Touch CANCEL pad to reset the system. Input a jet defrost program. Touch MEMORY pad. Input microwave cooking program. 5. Touch MEMORY pad again 6. Input another microwave cooking program with proba
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WEIGHT DEFROST This function automatically sets proper defrosting cycle once you have entered the weight of the food to be thawed. Maximum allowable weight for each category is shown below. Food category Maximum weight Display Meat 2300g d1 Poultry 4000g d2 Seafood 900g d3 For example, if you would like to defrost 600g of shrimp. Touch WEI. pad several times until "d3" appear in the display screen. Touch number pads to enter your desired food weight. Touch START pad.
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STOP THE OVEN DURING OPERATING Open the oven door. You can restart the oven by closing the oven door and touching START pad. NOTE: Oven stops operating the moment when door is opened. CLEANING AND CARE CLEANING AND CARE 1. Turn off the oven and remove the power plug from the wall socket before cleaning. Keep the inside of the oven clean. When food splatters or spilled liquids adhere to oven walls, wipe with a damp cloth. Mild detergent may be used if the oven gets very dirty. Avo

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