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Cal Flame Ltr20081044 to podręcznik How-To, który został opracowany jako narzędzie do przewodnika instalacji kuchni Cal Flame. Przewodnik zawiera krok po kroku instrukcje instalacji, w tym wskazówki dotyczące wyboru i instalacji produktów, jak również informacje na temat prawidłowej konserwacji i korzystania z produktów. Podręcznik zawiera wskazówki dotyczące instalacji wszystkich produktów Cal Flame, takich jak grille, piece, akcesoria i wyposażenie. Zawiera również informacje na temat bezpieczeństwa i zasad użytkowania produktów Cal Flame, a także wskazówki dotyczące wymiany części i usuwania usterek. Przewodnik jest dostępny w wersji papierowej i na stronie internetowej producenta, dzięki czemu można go z łatwością ściągnąć i używać.

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This manual applies to the following equipment: Safety Instructions................... 1 BBQ08872U 2 burner grill Installation / Assembly................ 3 BBQ08873U 3 burner grill Cabinet Cut-out Dimensions............... 3. BBQ08874U 4 burner grill Leak Testing Procedure................... 4. BBQ08874CU 4 burner convection grill Liquid Propane Gas...................... Installing the Transformer.
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Safety Instructions Safety Instructions WARNING: Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can cause injury or property damage. Read the installation, operating and maintenance instructions thoroughly before installing or servicing this equipment. Placement and Location Read all instructions before • Cal Flame™ grills are designed for outdoor use only. you operate your grill. • Never locate this appliance in an enclosed room, under a sealed overhead structure,
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Safety Instructions • Never use the grill or side burner in windy conditions. Maintenance and Repair If used in a consistently windy area a windbreak will • Spiders and other insects can nest in the burners of be required. Always adhere to the specified clear- the grill and block the gas and airflow to the burner ances listed in this manual. ports. This creates a dangerous condition that can result in a fire behind the valve panel. Inspect and • Never line the grill or side burners with al
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Installation / Assembly Installation / Assembly Most cities and counties require permits for exterior con- When planning your Cal Flame™ grill location, access to struction and electrical circuits. In addition, some com- gas lines and power source should be considered. The munities have codes requiring residential barriers such location with the shortest gas line run is recommended. as fencing and/or self-closing gates on property to pre- A grounded, dedicated, 220V 15A RCD power source is
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Installation / Assembly Model Number Description Width Depth Height Cut-out for drop in accessories BBQ08852U Drop In Standard Side 29. 2 cm 45. 1 cm 7. 0 cm Burner DEPTH WIDTH BBQ08953U Standard Side by Side 61. 6 cm 50. 2 cm 10. 8 cm Burner HEIGHT BBQ08954U Deluxe Side by Side 64. 1 cm 33. 7cm 18. 4 cm Burner Leak Testing Procedure Perform a leak test at least once a year whether the gas supply has been disconnected or not. In addition, whenever the gas supply is connected to the regulator or whenever
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Installation / Assembly The grill unit must be used with the gas pressure regula- tor. The regulator will control and maintain a uniform gas pressure in the manifold. The burner orifices have been sized for the gas pressure delivered by the regulator. tal free area of 64. 5cm² (10 square inches). If ventilation openings at floor level are in a side- WARNING: Attempting to operate the grill unit without wall, there shall be at least two openings. The the gas regulator installed could cause
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Installation / Assembly 1. Remove the transformer and the metal screws from the plastic bag. 2. Place the grill on a sturdy surface and tilt it back to show the underside of the grill. Using the metal screws, attach the transformer to the left side of the grill near the internal electrical connection. Attach the metal plate to the outside surface of the grill as shown in the figure below. When you have firmly tightened the screws and nuts, connect the plug from the transformer to the gril
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Installation / Assembly You will need a second person to help you to avoid Installing the Rotisserie damaging the grill, the transformer, or your barbe- cue island. Attach the two brackets to the sides of the grill, one on each side, using two screws as shown below. Before installing a grill or side burner in any island or cut out, make sure that the opening is not bigger than the Slide the rotis motor on one of the brackets as shown be- outside frame of the grill unit. The grill should re
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Installation / Assembly Installing Side Burners 1. Assemble a 9. 5 mm pipe nipple to the 9. 5 mm pipe tee using Teflon tape or pipe sealant. Use only sealant that is approved for use on LP gas. Install the pipe tee assembly to the grill intake pipe. Tighten assembly and align the branch opening of the tee with the hole of the cabinet. Connect the flexible hose (male end) to the pipe tee. Install and secure the side burner into the island by simply setting it in place. 5. Connect the fem
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Operating Your Barbecue Operating Your Barbecue Read all instructions before you operate your grill. Cal Flame grills are for outdoor use ONLY. We recommend you wash your entire grill with soap and • Do not heat sealed containers such as cans or jars water prior to lighting it for the first time. Oils are used on grills or side burners. Explosion may result re- during the manufacturing process and some residual sulting in injury or death. Any sealed container, oil may still be on the stain
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Operating Your Barbecue Lighting the Grill Each time you light the grill, check the following: • Ensure the burner flames burn evenly along both sides of each burner with a steady flame (mostly • Inspect the hose before using the grill. If there is blue with yellow tipping). If burner flames are not excessive abrasion or wear, or if the hose is cut, normal, check the orifice and burner for insects or it must be replaced prior to using the grill. If you insect nests. need a replacement hos
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Operating Your Barbecue Basic Grill Operation 3. Turn the control knob to HIGH and preheat the grill Before lighting, make sure all burner controls are off. Do for 15 minutes. Close the top cover during the ap- not attempt to light the burners if the smell of gas is pres- pliance preheat period. ent. Check the connection with a soap and water solu- tion after attaching the hose. Make sure there is gas in 4. Place the food on the grill and cook to desired com- the tank and it is sitting upr
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Operating Your Barbecue Cooking with a Side Burner Always use the proper size pan. Pans should be no smaller than 12. 5 cm (5 inches) and no larger than 28 cm (11 inches). Select utensils with flat bottoms large enough to cover the burner. The use of under-sized utensils exposes the sides of the utensils to direct contact with a portion of the flame. This can scorch utensils and hamper cleanup. Excessive flames on large stainless steel pots can result in permanent discoloration. For best resul
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Cleaning and Maintenance Cleaning and Maintenance Clean internal parts of the grill regularly as determined flammable vapors and liquids. Do not obstruct the flow by the amount of use and foods cooked. The entire grill of combustion and ventilation air. should be cleaned at least once a year. DISCONNECT ELECTRICAL SUPPLY BEFORE In addition, keep the area around your grill clear and CLEANING ANY PART OF THE GRILL. free from combustible materials, gasoline, and other Burners Care of Stainless S
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Cleaning and Maintenance Light Bulb Replacement WARNING: Never attempt to replace a light bulb when the grill is in use. Serious burns will result. WARNING: Never touch halogen bulbs with your bare fingers. Use a tissue or a small piece of paper to handle bulbs. Oils from your hands will damage halogen bulbs. Light Removal 1. Open the grill hood and locate the glass light covers at the back of the grill. Using a small screwdriver, gently pry the light cover away from the housing. Be
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Appendix Troubleshooting Appendix Problem: Smell of gas is present Solution: Check for loose connections in the gas line. Perform a leak test following the procedure described in this manual. Problem Burner does not ignite Solution Use the following procedure with the figure below. Check the position of the sparker tip. It should be pointing forward towards the front of the burner. • Make sure there is a blue spark at the electrode tip to the burner. • Make sure the igniter wire is connected fi
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Appendix Problem: Plugged orifice Solution: Unplug the orifice as follows: • Remove cooking grills, flame tamer and grease tray. • Remove burners from the bottom of the firebox by pulling the cotter pin from beneath the burner peg using a standard screwdriver or needle nose pliers. • Carefully lift each burner up and away from the gas orifice. • Remove the orifice from the control valve. • Gently clear any obstruction with a fine wire. • Reinstall the orifice, reinstall the burners over the ori
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Appendix Removing and Replacing Infrared Burners 4. Carefully remove the locking pin with your fingers. Raise the stud from the locking hole and move the burner forward carefully to release it from the igni- tion and gas supply valve. 1. Disconnect or shut off the gas line connect to the grill. Wait until the burners cool down. 6. Take the burner out of the grill and store it in a safe and dry place. Open the hood and remove the grate and flame tamer on top of the burner you want to re
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Grill Specifications Electrical supply: 220V AC / 50 Hz Country of destination BE, CY, CZ, EE, FR, GR, IE, IT, LV, AT, HU, SK, CH, DE LT, LU, PT, RO, SK, ES, CH, BG Gas category I3+ (28-30/37) I3 b/p (50) Gas and supply pressure G30 / 28-30/37 MBAR G30 / 50 MBAR BBQ08872U 2 burner grill 8. 78 kWh BBQ08873U 3 burner grill 16. 4 kWh BBQ08874U 4 burner grill 21. 9 kWh BBQ08874CU 4 burner convection grill 21. 9 kWh BBQ08875U 5 burner grill 28. 4 kWh BBQ08875CU 5 burner convection grill 28. 4 kWh BBQ08852

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